Better Customer Data

Keep your CRM system up to date with up-to-date and enriched information from the most important registers.

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Making solvency visible

In the age of e-commerce, solvency information must be fast, up-to-date and reasonably priced. The objective of SolvencyCheck AG is to provide creditworthiness data on customers and prospective customers, both individuals and companies, in an uncomplicated manner, anywhere and at any time.

In contrast to credit agencies, SolvencyCheck does not offer credit ratings but rather provides hard facts from freely accessible registers. We prepare the information for our customers individually and make it available in real time and through various channels.

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Credit Screening

Trade or service, manufacturer or supplier - decisions have to be made in fractions of a second and the creditworthiness of a business partner is integral to know. SolvencyCheck provides up-to-date solvency information online, thus minimizing the risk of non-payment. In doing so, we do without opaque algorithms and rely on hard facts.

Current Data

By enriching your customer data with additional information, e. g. from the commercial register, you can leverage cross- and up-sell potentials and increase your service quality. The integration of the SolvencyCheck solution into several European registers guarantees that the data is always up-to-date.

Cost-effective solution

Our data is based on freely accessible data from the most important sources in the area of solvency and company information. These are processed centrally and automatically, enabling us to offer our customers these data at an extremely low price.

Digitale Transformation braucht gute Daten

Omikron Data Quality GmbH is a leading German company specialising in data quality for customer, supplier and materials master data. Omikron technology, solutions and services for improved data quality lay the foundation for digital transformation.

Over 2,000 customers use solutions from Omikron, including 1&1, Siemens, MediaMarktSaturn, Berner, CWS-boco and Teamviewer.


Software of the next generation

Q-nnect enables any business to drive digital change with the cloud platform of the next generation – Platform Q!

Platform Q! is an All-in-One platform, which combines all necessary components for the digital economy – Integration, Data Modelling, Service Enrichment and Analytics. You can create traditional software applications, or generate business content in days rather than months. These content packages and applications can be used out-of-the-box and on any system and sold via the Q! Store.

Added Value for digital content

ADVASO stands for ADded VAlue SOlutions. A highly competent team of IT specialists and managers actively supports clients in questions of security, information and data management, insourcing and outsourcing.

Our offerings include goal-oriented consulting and project management (Consulting), Venture, consulting on strategy and interim management (Business Enablement), and a bundle of services aimed to help organisations reduce costs to a minimum in economically difficult times without losing operational flexibility and revenues (Business Hibernation).

Crawling-Daten for everyone

FINbot is the information agency for Company Insight Data in Germany. We provide our customers with a unique mix of job, company, social media and domain data from the Internet and other official sources. Global players, large authorities and even small start-ups trust our data.

Since 1999 FINbot has specialised in crawling, analysis and interpretation of semantic content from the Internet. Customers use FINbot’s company profiles to achieve high data quality for current market monitoring, targeted lead data and compliance checks.

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Solvency information must be readily available, always up to date and available anywhere. It is important for us to fully cover the needs of our customers. We therefore offer the register data on three different channels:

Individual access

Using a web frontend or an app, you can search for specific records and retrieve your stored information at any time.


The structured data from SolvencyCheck can be accessed directly from applications (e. g. CRM, ERP) via standardized interfaces and integrated into business processes.

Local database

For sensitive use cases, SolvencyCheck provides the data in an encrypted database on the customer’s own servers; a flexible update service guarantees that the data is up-to-date. A matching engine for integrating SolvencyCheck data with the company’s internal data can be provided as an option.

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